When an artist announces a new project, a tour or even a prepotent single, custom-made merchandise is sure to follow. Though the cover of 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’s Savage Mode II brought it back to life, merch has evolved past the Pen & Pixel era of printing things on T-shirts and hoodies. Nowadays, rappers are vending more rare collectibles to their fans, which leads to website crashing because people want to get their hands on every drop. Then there's the inevitable flip for crazy amounts on reselling sites.

When Travis Scott collaborated with McDonald’s last year for a signature meal, he also released three different merch collections that included household accessories like a Chicken McNugget body pillow. Then there's Cam’ron  who can attest to giving his supporters the opportunity to color their crib with his imprint. Shower curtains featuring Cam's classic pink fur ’fit are up for grabs on the Dipset website, too.

Rare, surprising merch also pops up. In the case of Young M.A, her merch comes in the form of a sex toy. Last year, she released a strap-on starter kit, equipped with a sprinkling of additional bedroom toys and three different dildo options.

For spitters like Eminem, he's got products that are personal on the nostalgia tip. A few years back, he sold bricks from his childhood crib in Detroit after the house was demolished in 2013. Buying the walls of someone’s old house is about as close to home as one could get. And that’s certainly the case here.

Furthermore, for those who are no longer impressed by T-shirts and dad hats, check out the list of super unique hip-hop merch that you can buy today from Post Malone, Migos, Kid Cudi and more.

Super Unique Hip-Hop Merch That You Can Buy

From Travis Scott's McNugget body pillow to Young M.A's sex toy collection, there's plenty of unique hip-hop merchandise you can cop right now.

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