Some people have very specific fears when it comes to animals.

Many may involve a trip to the zoo, and their scared that the largest most violent animal will break loose and go on a rampage.

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Other people may fear the neighborhood dog chasing them as they try to walk inside their house after work.

Some people's fear with animals involve birds. When I think about it, birds are pretty scary.

They can see you even when you can't fully see them because they're up so high, and they have an advantage that humans don't. They can fly.

What if that scene from the movie The Birds ever came true? That's enough to make someone scared to even be near birds.


Alabama will soon see hundreds of birds flocking to the state but fortunately, it won't be to bring the infamous bird scene to life.

The brief visit may even be a perfect time to snap some beautiful pictures.

In early to mid-March, ruby-throated hummingbirds make their way to Alabama during their spring migration period.

According to Only In Your State, their spring migration begins in February and the hummingbirds travel from Mexico and Central America to the United States and Canada.

It's likely that the first hummingbirds to arrive will be the males. They come first to establish their territories, then a week or two later, the females will arrive, according to Wild Bird Scoop. 

If you'd like to feed the traveling hummingbirds, to would be appreciated, as they'll already be tired upon arrival in Alabama.

Along with having a feeder ready, Wild Bird Scoop recommends having hummingbird-friendly plants ready such as:

  • Bee balm
  • Cardinal flower
  • Catchfly
  • Red buckeye
  • Trumpet creeper

You can find more information on how to prepare for Alabama's hummingbird migration by clicking here.

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