Recently, I took my first ever trip out west to Texas. While in Houston, I went to this store and it changed my life.

When I got to my Airbnb I realized I forgot a few essential items. Isn’t that the worst?!  How do you forget something like socks, mouthwash, or even the shower essentials? For me, a Bluetooth speaker falls under bathroom essentials so I had to make a run to the closest store.

A close friend’s cousin stays in Houston and he was able to take us to the closest store. It was a place called “H.E.B.” I was told it stands for “Here Everything’s Better” and that is the TRUTH! This store was a complete vibe! Fresh produce, helpful employees, and the sushi selection blew my mind. I’ve never seen anything like it. I even noticed the store's music playlist was enjoyable. I was singing and dancing the whole time I was walking through the store.

They have a deli and seafood section and they even sell snow crab legs. As a snow crab leg connoisseur, I took it upon myself to want to judge the quality of their snow crabs. I didn't get a chance to buy any but my fraternity brother did. I didn't know until I told him for the ninth time, "Bro. Those crab legs were so good, where did you buy them?" He responded as if there was only one place to get them and I should've known better than to even ask. "I got them from H.E.B!"

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I wholeheartedly think that if we had one of these stores in Tuscaloosa, it would make the city so much more enjoyable. Think about it. Who doesn't like to buy food? Who doesn't like music? Just imagine shopping for food listening to great music and it's all great quality food.

Apparently, the stores are only in Texas, but I'm keeping hope alive. Who do I need to talk with to get H.E.B in Tuscaloosa?

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