Iggy Azalea has responded to mean comments about her body and twerking skills.

On July 22, a Twitter user shared video of Iggy Azalea performing at the 2022 Long Beach Pride festival in Long Beach, Calif. on July 10. The poster seemed genuinely impressed with Iggy's twerking ability.

"Iggy really be tossing that big MF," the person captioned the video of Iggy making it clap during her performance. However, some people in the comments were not as dazzled by the Aussie rapper's showing.

"She needs to toss that mf in the dumpster along with them weak ass raps," one person commented on the video.

"Oh this looks atrocious," someone else commented.

The majority of the comments were actually positive. "She been eatin lately that bod is fire idc," another person commented.

After catching wind of the post, Iggy Azalea reacted to the negativity.

"It’s a good thing I genuinely feel happy about myself & my body cause y’all stay in every comment section talking the most shit about me & it’s very mean spirited & ugly," she replied to the mean comments.

"Ps. your man 100% wants to fuck me," she added.

Iggy's body has often been a topic of discussion. In 2018, she bared it all for Instagram, along with the caption, "Haters can't stand me but they love me at the bank." Iggy later showed off her booty on IG to shut down body shamers. In May of 2019, she deactivated her Instagram account after her nude photos leaked online.

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