We're approaching the point in the high school football season where teams really start to gel together. Could a Tuscaloosa high school football team pull off this viral play?

It seems like every week another high school athlete goes viral for an amazing play. This most recent viral video shows amazing reflexes and ended in a defensive touchdown.

There's a viral video on Tik Tok with over 14 million views! The play was posted with the caption "Yessir!! Sync this audio with your last TD and tag." The play features Wakeem Page of Cathedral Prep in Pennsylvania pulling off a defensive play that I never thought was possible.

Page intercepts the opposing team's pitch to the running back as if the play was made for him. It was timed so perfectly!


First of all, someone needs to show this video to Coach Nick Saban. He needs to see this and begin his recruitment campaign like yesterday. Could you imagine this play happening in Tuscaloosa inside Bryant-Denny under the crimson lights? Talk about epic!

Better yet, I could see this play happening at an area high school football game.

With the football season approaching the playoffs and teams starting to play at their best, I began to wonder. Which Tuscaloosa high school football team could you see making a play like this happen?

Sipsey Valley? Hillcrest? What about ACA or Central?

Let me know which team and player you think could make this play inside the chat feature of our free app.

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