I've recently seen my share of unique Airbnb locations. This quirky Airbnb in Alabama may take the cake!

It's time for a road trip! This one isn't that long at all and will be worth the drive. Just under two hours away from Tuscaloosa, this Talladega Airbnb has been named one of the quirkiest in the state. Mom.com picked 50 quirky Airbnbs across the country and the Magical Mountaintop Yurt was selected for the Yellowhammer State.

When I came across this Airbnb, I first had to educate myself on the definition of a Yurt. According to Shelter Designs, a yurt is a portable, lightweight round structure where the roof is held up under a combination of tension and compression, with no major center supports needed. Yurts are an ancient form of portable shelter. Originating thousands of years ago in the steppes of central Asia, these dwellings were originally used by nomadic people of the region.

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When I took a look at this Yurt, I immediately understood why it was labeled quirky. I also would understand why someone would book this location. It looks awesome!

This Yurt can sleep up to 6 people and has been voted the best in the US by Airbnb as mentioned in the location's description. It sits on a white sand beach and has a lot of amenities for the whole family to enjoy. I just might have to take a trip to Talladega soon and book this place.

Check out this amazing Yurt Airbnb for yourself.

Quirky Alabama Airbnb


If you'd like to read more about this Airbnb or book a stay, click here.

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