As an Alabama fan, one of the crimson rules is that when you spot someone wearing houndstooth, you are automatically safe to assume that they are an Alabama Crimson Tide football fan. I know I do it and be honest, you do it too.

When I put on some houndstooth, like a wrap or a scarf, it is a nod to the legacy of the houndstooth at UA. At times you can escape the houndstooth print that made history from Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant.

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When I see celebrities with some houndstooth on, I’m like, “they are an Alabama fan.” The last celebrity spotted donning something close to the famous print was Comedian Steve Harvey.

Some say it’s houndstooth; some say it’s not. I think it’s close. And close enough to say that Steve Harvey just might be an Alabama fan.

What I didn’t know is that this all came to be over some NFL and AFL interest in at the time Alabama player Joe Willie Namath. The legendary Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant is the reason why houndstooth is associated with Alabama. According to the Capstone Report, “Jets’ Owner Sonny Werblin presented Coach Bryant with a houndstooth hat in the hopes it might gain a little support for the AFL. Bryant took to the hat and wore it to a game. All it took was one game for fans to notice the new hat and immediately create the legend.”

Carry on, and wear your houndstooth wherever you may travel; a little piece of Alabama history rolls on with you. #RollTide

Who is the next houndstooth celeb?

(Source) For more details from the Capstone Report, click here.

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