Is There A Chef In West Alabama that Can Make This Dish? 

I've come to the conclusion that I spend too much time on Twitter lately. I found a dish that I just got to have!

As I did my daily Twiter scrolling, I came across a food post. Now ya'll know I've been trying to live right in 2021. I recently started my gym routine back up and I've been eating a lot better. This video is single-handedly trying to change that.

Usually, when I come across food posts I scroll right by them for a few reasons. Two of them are, I don't need the temptation in my life, and a lot of people can't really cook that well on social media. This post was different and for whatever reason, I watched the video. You have to see this!


This dish has to be a sin! I've been seeing a lot of posts using oxtail as the main ingredient on social media lately and I'm not mad at it. I do wonder how much they'd charge for these dishes because oxtail alone is expensive. It's one of those foods that your mom cooked when she got her taxes back! Lol!

I couldn't help but notice his Instagram profile in the caption of this Twitter video. In case you're wondering, yes, he did gain a new follower today. You can't blame me though. Look at the food he makes!


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The good thing is, this chef is just a short drive away. According to his bio, he's based in Atlanta. I'm wondering, are there any chefs in West Alabama that can make this garlic bread dish? If so, I need it in my life.

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