It's National Radio Day!  It feels crazy to think that I have been in the radio industry for almost 10 years. Wow!

I remember national radio day 2019. I had just accepted an on-air position for a new station in Tuscaloosa, Alabama called 105.1 The Block. All week long I was running around Orlando, trying to tie up loose ends and get my house packed so I could get on the road and drive 9 and half hours to my new home of Alabama.

I always imagined I'd be leaving Orlando to work in another city, but I never thought it would be in Tuscaloosa. I was excited, nervous, scared, anxious, pretty much any emotion you could think of. I had not only received my first full-time radio opportunity but my wife was 3-months pregnant and we were expecting our first child. Talk about a wave of emotions! We planned for my wife to stay in Orlando through her pregnancy and give birth in Orlando and I'd travel back when she began labor.

National Radio Day in 2019 consisted of me packing a Uhaul, going to the doctor for a check-up with my wife for the baby, and preparing for my last few DJ events in Orlando.

Not knowing exactly what the future had in store for me, I remember feeling grateful for how far I've come within the industry. All of the late nights I've spent in radio stations perfecting my craft, the times where I'd sleep in the offices or back rooms of the studio, internships, ups, and downs of learning were all paying off. Fast-forward a year later and I'm in a new state serving a new community and loving every minute on the radio!

Many people may believe that traditional radio isn't effective, or it's dying. To that simply say it is not true. Radio is the pulse of the community. Especially when you're employed by a company like Townsquare media who take pride in the local community. I love being able to get out and engage our community in the things that matter to them and have fun on the radio keeping them entertained.

I'm blessed to be in the radio industry and I look forward to many more years. Thank you to every listener, & every supporter of radio. This industry is ever-changing, & stressful but it's all worth it for the communities we serve.

Now meet me on 105.1The Block every weekday 2p-7p so we can turn up together on your radio!

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