It has been the subject of much debate in cities like Tuscaloosa, Northport, Dothan, and Mobile.

Many believe it is the smart way to protect your family in an uncertain economy.

What is it?


That's right. Chicken raised right in the backyard of homes all over Alabama.

However, an outbreak related to backyard poultry began earlier this summer according to the CDC.

It is still a problem.

*From CDC
*From CDC

The map provided by the CDC shows the states with people sickened due to the outbreak. Alabama is included along with Mississippi and Florida, along with many other states.

The outbreak has sent over 100 people to the hospital across the USA with zero deaths reported as of today.

According to the CDC, backyard poultry, like chickens and ducks, can carry Salmonella germs even if they look healthy and clean. These germs can easily spread to anything in the areas where the poultry live and roam.

The CDC also reports that individuals can get sick from touching their backyard poultry or anything in their environment and then touching their mouth or food and swallowing dangerous Salmonella germs.

In addition to the outbreak among poultry in the backyard, the CDC warns of another creature that is also causing a similar salmonella outbreak.


Several folks in up to 11 states have been hospitalized due to this turtle-related salmonella outbreak.

The CDC reports some interesting info on turtles. A federal law bans the sale and distribution of turtles with shells less than 4 inches long as pets because they have caused many illnesses, especially in young children. Despite the ban, these turtles can sometimes be found illegally online and at stores, flea markets, and roadside stands.

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