"Repossessed" is a paranormal investigation show on Hulu.

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A family in Tuscaloosa County with a very spooky story is the subject of one of their investigations. The show deals with the Tuscaloosa-related investigation in season 1, episode 2.

It started with a sound here and there or seeing things that weren't really in the house.

The owner of the property's wife saw a little girl in the house, that was not their daughter and looked to be around 10 years old.

It got more serious after those sightings in the house.

The homeowner spoke with me this morning and told me this:

Every member of our family (wife, son, daughter, and mother-in-law) had seen a small, maybe 4-foot shadowy figure. Only my wife has seen it vividly enough to make it out. She said it is a girl child. Long black hair in a long dress.
One night, I was in bed, just about to doze off when she came in the room and shouted to my daughter (who was 12 at the time) “Emilee, time to go to bed.”
I looked around and told her she was in bed. At that point she pulled the bedroom door back and said she had seen her run behind the door and thought she was trying to jump out and scare her. Nobody was there.
We have all been awaken by unrecognizable voices at night. My mother-in-law, who lives with us, has heard them in the day as well.
One morning, around 4AM, I was sitting in my living room reading my devotional. I kept hearing what I thought was the dining room chairs being moved. After four attempts of getting up to see what it was, I set my phone on the bar pointing into the dining room and started recording. After several minutes, it picked up nothing. I watched most of the video and didn’t think I had caught anything so I didn’t watch the remainder. After a couple of days, curiosity got the best of me and I watched the rest. That’s when I found movement. The chandelier, which is antique and very heavy, turns. It’s hard to turn even trying. It’s not made to swivel at all. Then it starts swinging. Again, it weighs maybe 40 pounds. It comes to an immediate stop and then a vase on the table moves almost a foot. 

Now, watch the video for yourself of the incident with the chandelier and the vase.




Again, not one family member was present when the chandelier and vase just decided it was time to move on their own.

This family then contacted Fox Paranormal in Georgia to come investigate the home.

That is when this "voodoo" box was discovered buried in the backyard.

Just look at this box and how unbelievably creepy it is.

Photo: DC Chymes/Townsquare
Photo: DC Chymes/Townsquare

That's what it looked like after pulling it out of the ground.

Just check out the inside...

Photo: DC Chymes/Townsquare
Photo: DC Chymes/Townsquare


Photo: DC Chymes/Townsquare
Photo: DC Chymes/Townsquare
Photo: DC Chymes/Townsquare
Photo: DC Chymes/Townsquare


Ummmm, No.


So, they had a "voodoo hex" box with Annabelle inside buried in the backyard of their Tuscaloosa home.


Yeah, Happy Halloween.

Here is the video of opening the box for the first time. Many say they hear a low growl when the box is finally opened.

@ikedaniel7♬ original sound - Dallas


The folks from Fox Paranormal have studied the box and taken it all over the world. It's not good. It also explains all the paranormal things that were happening in their house.

Photo: DC Chymes/Townsquare
Photo: DC Chymes/Townsquare

  To watch the episode of the show on Hulu that featured the box from Tuscaloosa, CLICK HERE.

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