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Easter Sunday is quickly approaching, and if you don’t already have your Sunday service plans set in stone, it’s not too late to get everything together. I am sharing some simple things to check off your list before Easter arrives, so your church is well prepared for the special weekend and new faces who may be joining you.

How can you prepare now for the holiday? I have some tips below! The pandemic has shifted the way church is done and many churches are still stuck without embracing technology and new methods to reach people. If your church isn’t already using digital technology during your sermons and sermons, now is the time to do so.

Easter Decorations. Easter is the time that we celebrate Jesus‘s resurrection, and it’s a great time for our churches to decorate churches can use color for Easter flowers, such as Easter lilies, banners, and festive decorations, to help spread the message of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, use programs and branding to help spread the Easter message from the service to the sermon to everything that deals with visuals in the church so decorate your church this holiday season.

Invite people to your church. Yes, word of mouth is still the best way to invite people to your Sunday service. An Easter is a spectacular time for church members to invite family, friends, and even strangers to come to church for those who may not even be a part of your normal services invite to come. Use social media, and printed graphic invitations to invite people to come to your service and make sure that you have enough room in your Church by offering additional seating to accommodate a larger crowd. 

Online Services. There may be new faces at the church, but make sure that you make room for people who may not be able to attend church services on Easter. Some people cannot attend services due to work or travel restrictions or health concerns or other reasons they prohibit them from attending Easter services, so provide an online platform such as Facebook or YouTube for people to Tony and to your services through your website while in the cover of the home or while at work.

Easter Fellowship Events. Easter is a great time of fellowship and fun, create Easter service fellowship opportunity such as Easter egg, hunts, and Easter dinner, refreshments and so much more how people talk to new members a new people that may be attending the services this Sunday by answering any questions and greeting them as they come into the church and as they leave. 

Easter Publicity. Make sure you use different outlets to get out the Easter messages to Radio, your local newspaper, social media, and Word of mouth and use awesome graphics and colors to catch people's attention. 


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