Freddie Gibbs has found himself the subject of yet another messy situation as he is being accused of ghosting his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

On Thursday (May 4), Freddie Gibbs' former significant other, Destini, widely known as The Fit Mami, hit up Twitter with a scathing rant chronicling their entire relationship from the very moment they met. After mentions of traveling overseas with Gibbs, talks the two had about starting a family together and even a detailed account of the night Freddie Gibbs was infamously jumped in Buffalo, N.Y., The Fit Mami used her popular social media platform to call out her ex-beau, claiming that he cut her off once she became pregnant with his child.

"So y'all remember when I dated Freddie Gibbs right?" the fitness model-adult film star begins her story. "Well let's talk about it."

From there, Destini describes how the two sparked their relationship in 2020 when Freddie Gibbs began to court her via DMs on Instagram. Once they became an established couple, Gibbs and The Fit Mami romantically flew off to Paris where they solidified their budding connection. According to Destini, she and the $oul $old $eparately MC even talked about having a child together during the trip.

After nearly two years of things being all good in the hood between the then-love birds, The Fit Mami claims things began to take a turn when she witnessed Freddie Gibbs being attacked in a Buffalo, N.Y. restaurant amid his storied beef with Benny The Butcher. Following the fight, Destini says she suffered extreme paranoia and nightmares. She also explains that as a result of Gibbs being jumped, she began to receive threats from the mother of the Indiana-bred rapper's children.

After the drama with one of Freddie's exes, and even after having had her chain snatched during the melee in Buffalo, Destini says she still had a strong love for Freddie Gibbs and vice versa. She shares screenshots of conversations the two apparently had regarding potential baby names prior to the fitness model even becoming pregnant.

However, once Destini actually did become pregnant this past December, that's when she says Freddie Gibbs became increasingly distant before ghosting the expecting mother altogether.

Although Freddie Gibbs has yet to respond to his ex's accusations publicly, Destini returned to Twitter in the early hours of Friday (May 5) with a screenshot that appears as though the Piñata spitter blocked her along with the caption "I guess I hit a nerve."

This certainly isn't the first time Freddie Gibbs has made headlines in association with his ex-girlfriend, The Fit Mami. Back in August of 2022, the ongoing beef between Gibbs and Benny The Butcher intensified when the Tana Talk 4 spitter shared an extremely explicit sexual video of Destini along with the caption "You gotta be careful. She'll put that tongue anywhere."

In response, Freddie Gibbs brushed off the shot from Benny by explaining that he was well aware of The Fit Mami's sexually-focused profession.

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