Sometimes I like to think of random things that people in select states would like the most.

While living in Florida, I often thought about what food people in my home state loved most. In Alabama, it's easy to guess that's probably barbeque.

The most liked football team comes to mind, the most visited state attractions, and the most liked government officials all come to mind.

This might be odd, but I recently thought of the most liked color in the state of Alabama.

When I first moved here, I quickly learned that spots rules this state. More specifically, football.

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The Auburn Tigers, UAB Blazers, Troy, the University of Alabama, and plenty of others are all big schools in the Yellowhammer state. You'd think if the state had a favorite color, it'll be a color involving one of our state's schools.

According to Pixlr, the most popular color in the United States is red.

If anyone had asked me what the most popular color in Alabama is, I'd surely tell them red. If not crimson.

Pixlr says that red is the most searched color in 30 out of the 50 states they analyzed.

So what color took the top spot for the state of Alabama?

I'm telling you now, it's one of the most unlikely colors if you ask me.

According to Pixlr, Alabama's most popular color is the color pink.


With pink taking the top spot in Alabama, red took second place while blue, orange, and purple followed.

If you'd like to learn more about Pixlr's study, click here. 


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