Joe Budden says he's torn and will be objective in the Pusha T and Jim Jones beef.

Joe Budden Talks About the Pusha T and Jim Jones Rap Beef

On episode 638 of The Joe Budden Podcast, which premiered on Sunday (June 25) on YouTube, Joe Budden said that he's remaining neutral in the Pusha T and Jim Jones beef. The rapper-turned-podcast acknowledged the lyrical prowess of both MCs and said that he's torn on who he thinks will come out the victor in their rap battle. For the record, the podcast was recorded before Joe heard Jim Jones' new Pusha T diss track "Summer Collection."

"Now let me be objective and do my job the right way," he said. "I'm torn here like Latoya Luckett. Boy, am I torn. On one hand I know to leave Push it to you alone."

"Retired me active me if you were gonna if I were ever gonna—I would get at that n***a actually—but boy would I be respectful of my approach," he continued. "I'd have to lead with the jab, set them up have had a lot of thought would go into it it wouldn't be the body it wouldn't be as reckless at because Pusha T is a methodical man outside of rapping he is a methodical thinking, planning man."

Joe explained that Jim knows and respects Pusha T's pen game and is up for the challenge but in the end, Push is "a problem and a headache" if anyone tries to rap battle against him. But Joe is remaining neutral for now and hopes their rap beef doesn't get to rude and disrespectful levels on both sides.

Overall, Joe Budden thinks the Pusha T and Jim Jones' rap feud is going to be entertaining.

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Jim Jones Drops a Diss Track Aimed at Pusha T and No Malice

On Saturday (June 24), Jim Jones responded to Pusha T with his diss track and video called "Summer Collection" on the 4 Shooters Only YouTube channel. On the song (below), Jim is spitting lyrical shots at both Pusha T and his brother No Malice.

On the song, Capo called No Malice a crackhead and suggested that King Push doesn't know what a rap beef is.

"The only beef you know n***a, is the Arby's or the Big Mac/When we drive through, we drive-by in the car with the big macs/That last s**t you dropped/That s**t was garbage/Take that s**t back," he rapped on the song.

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