JPEGMAFIA has dissed Freddie Gibbs in a flurry of social media posts, including a deleted post of a NSFW photo of Gibbs, while Freddie ignores JPEG and makes videos from his hotel.

JPEGMAFIA Disses Freddie Gibbs

On Saturday (Feb. 24), JPEGMAFIA hopped on X, formerly known as Twitter, and blasted Freddie Gibbs for being a fake gangster. For some context, both JPEGMAFIA and Gibbs work on Kanye West and Ty Dolla's $ign's joint album Vultures 1 and were in Italy for the duo's listening party.

In JPEG's video, which can be viewed below, the rapper-producer slams Gibbs for being a fake gangster who always gets beat up and shot at.

"Protect your b***h, protect everything, man, because you, there’s nothing gangsta about you, son, except your name," he said.

JPEG posted another clip of himself running down a list of what he believes is Freddie Gibbs' most embarrassing moments on social media.

"One of us got a kid with a d**k dent in their head, one of us don't," he began. "One of us got their a*shole spread online, one of us don't."

"One of us get their a*s beat annually like Family Matters. This s**t is like a recurring sitcom, n***a. One of us don't," he continued.

"Who's really gangsta? I'm gangsta, n***a," he added. "You haven't done anything gangsta in your whole muthaf**kin' career except get your a*s beat, get your baby mama f**ked on camera and get embarrassed."

"So stay in the gym, bro because it's useless," JPEG concluded. "Them muscles ain't helping you. They didn't help you at the brisket."

Unfazed by JPEGMAFIA's accusation of being a fake gangster, Freddie Gibbs hopped on his X account to share a series of videos of himself in Italy. The Indiana rhymer appeared unbothered as he worked out in a hotel gym and dined on croissants at a local restaurant. Those clips can be viewed below.

During his tirade at Freddie Gibbs, JPEGMAFIA also shared a NSFW photo of Gibbs on X, which has since been deleted.

JPEGMAFIA posted a NSFW photo of Freddie Gibbs on X.

It remains unclear why JPEGMAFIA and Freddie Gibbs are beefing with each other on social media.

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JPEGMAFIA Is a Friend and Collaborator With Kanye West

JPEGMAFIA is a friend and a collaborator with Kanye West. The Baltimore rapper and producer caught people's attention in January of 2024 when he hopped on his Instagram page and posted a photo of him standing next to Kanye who is flashing his $850,000 titanium grill. JPEG wrote in the caption: "Can't talk right now. doing hot girl s**t."

However, the image sparked anger from fans because Ye was rocking a shirt featuring an image of Kristian "Varg" Vikernes, a former Nazi supporter who has a notorious history of violence and hate, as well as going to prison for murder and arson. Although he openly embraced Nazism during the 1990s, Varg has since disavowed the ideology. Nevertheless, fans were not happy about Kanye wearing a shirt featuring an image of a former Neo-Nazi sympathizer.

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Check out JPEGMAFIA and Freddie Gibbs' videos in their social media beef below.

Watch JPEGMAFIA Diss Freddie Gibbs While Gibbs Ignores Him in His Hotel Videos

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