Rubi Rose had an encounter with a man who spent over $62,000 in one month on her OnlyFans account.

Rubi Rose Meets Her Biggest OnlyFans Fan

Rubi Rose's OnlyFans is apparently a lucrative second source of income for the Kentucky rapper. On Friday (Dec. 1), she shared a photo of herself meeting the man who spends the most money on the rapper's account. It is unclear how the two ran into each other. In the photo of the meeting, which can be seen below, Rubi is smiling while posing next to the man who appears to be excited about the encounter. In a follow-up photo, Rose took a picture of the man's phone, which provided proof that he's spent $62,321.70 while only being a subscriber for one month.

"I ran into my #1 spender on onlyfans," Rubi Rose captioned the photos.

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Rubi Rose Is Selling Feet Pics

Along with a thriving OnlyFans account, Rubi Rose is also getting to the bag by selling feet pics online. Back in October, she revealed she was transacting tootsie photos to the masses on feetfinder.

Music-wise, Rubi has been working on the follow-up to her 2020 debut album For the Streets. She recently released the new single "Cherry."

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See a photo of Rubi Rose's encounter with the man who spent $62,321.70 on her OnlyFans account in one month below.

Rubi Rose Meets Biggest OnlyFans Spender

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