The newly hired Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni was available to the press on Friday morning. And of course the looming quarterback controversy was the topic of discussion. With the offseason approaching it’s only a matter of time before the Wentz vs. Hurts competition would be addressed. Here’s Siranni’s take on the issue.

This is the epitome of when keeping it safe goes wrong.

This PR formulated/ cookie cutter answer did nothing but raise eyebrows, disappoint Eagles fans, and add fuel to a brewing fire that’s only going to get worse.

Which probably is the opposite of what they wanted from this media session.

With this blanketed statement it’s safe to insinuate a competition is on the horizon.  But is this out  of respect for Wentz? Or is it a slap to Hurts’ face?

Wentz vs Hurts

When looking at the stats you see a younger QB who, took better care of the ball, scored at a higher rate, took less sacks, and got the ball down the field at higher clip on a percentage basis. Not to mention he played in an offense that was tailored for his predecessor.

This along with the fact Wentz has regressed in his last two years, led the league in interceptions without playing the full season, and was outplayed by a rookie in an offense built for him you'd think it would be a no brainer to hand Hurts the keys.

But this is the ever-going motif of the Jalen Hurts story.

Rising above the criticism, hate, and adversity is what adored him to college football fans around the country and earned him a spot in the league. So as history repeats itself before our very eyes, I caution anyone not to bet against the man.

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