Jay-Z's nephew is trying his hand at rapping and the reviews on social media have been less than stellar.

On Saturday (June 4), Solange's 21-year-old son Julez put out a video on his TikTok page that features him laying down a few bars.

"I had to pack that heat/She keep showing all the signs but keep disturbing all my peace," Julez raps over U.K. drill-sounding production. "I'm trying to feed the game to niggas, but they always think it's sweet/Just like Future said a while ago, the Feds just did a sweep/Fuck the London drip, we gon' get our clothes shipped out from Greece."

After the video made its rounds on social media, the critiques naturally began to roll in. Many people were truly not impressed by the bars considering Julez is the son of a singer and nephew of rap and R&B royalty.

"His mom is solange, his auntie is beyoncé, and his uncle is jay z, but he doesn’t have a lick of musical talent," one person posted on Twitter.


Other people were offput by Julez mentioning guns and the Feds, considering his presumably privileged lifestyle.

"He kept looking back at the door cuz he know he ain’t supposed to be talking like that and his ppl might walk in," another Twitter user posted, referring to Julez continually glancing over his shoulder as he rapped. "Lil niggas wanna be tough and from the streets so bad. Probably ain’t been in the same room with a gun, let alone having one on his personal."

There were some critics in the minority who had a different opinion.

"I do not understand why some Black people are dissing Solange Knowles's son Juelz," someone else added. "He is still young for heaven's sake. Some people are hurt people to tweet hurtful things about a young person. We need to encourage him with developmental assets instead of tearing him down."

Jay-Z and Solange had their infamous elevator fight back in 2014, and have since made amends. It might be time to ask Unc for some pointers.

See more reactions to Jay-Z's nephew's raps below.

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