Jim Jones' mother is again clarifying her son's wild statement about her teaching him how to tongue kiss when he was younger.

Last week, Capo's mother, Nancy Jones, was a guest on The Bully and The Beast podcast. During the show, she was asked about Jim Jones' viral comment on Angela Yee's Lip Service podcast earlier this year where Jim claimed his mom learned him on the art of tongue kissing.

"I thought that the nigga lost his mind," Mama Jones said around the 34:28-minute mark of the interview, when asked about her reaction to Jim Jones' claim. "When I say lost his mind, it's okay to say it, but say it...'Oh my mother showed me how to kiss with her hand.' You have to show your kid. ’Cause I don't want him to be out there and don't know how to tongue kiss. Now, you got the world like, 'oh.' There's no incest over here at all."

Back in January, Jim Jones had people raising their eyebrows after revealing that he was taught how to tongue kiss by his mom dukes.

"My mom taught me how to kiss when I was younger," he disclosed on the Lip Service podcast. "There wasn’t no instructions, she showed me with her mouth," Capo added.

Jim Jones later claimed he was joking.

"For the record, I love my mama more than anything in the world," he began in the nearly minute-long Instagram clip. "And for the record, it was a joke. People take things way too far. It don't bother us anyway, but let's get it clear...That's weak what you're trying to project."

He continued: "Something simple. Something from my childhood. We were talking about childhood things. I thought that was funny. I appreciate you mommy for helping me out, but no. Cut it short, Jack. Cut the bullshit, you heard?"

Mama Jones also responded to the backlash on Instagram Live the following day.

"Everybody needs to understand, you're taking it wrong," Mama Jones began. "I am not a nasty mother. All I am is a mother that was teaching my son exactly how to survive and how to actually be able to deal with a woman."

She continued: "And, for their information, it wasn't no tonguing down. It was a way of showing you how to tongue. He licked out his tongue, I licked out my tongue, that was that. Wasn't no mouth-to-mouth resuscitation...It wasn't like that. It's all about my son growing up and me as a young mother showing her son how to do, and deal with life with the young girls ’cause he's a nice, handsome-looking guy."

Watch Jim Jones' Mom on The Bully and the Beast Podcast Below

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