Life has changed so much since quarantine. We've been forced to make adjustments to our daily lives and create new normalities. Many people can't wait for their lives to return to the way it was before COVID-19. I'm one of those people, but this virus is also making me think about the essential employees and other jobs that I think we should value more when this is all over. I can't imagine leaving my 3-month-old son at home, knowing that when I come home he's at high risk for contracting the virus because of me.

I've even known a few friends who work at hospitals and have to stay in another part of the house due to their job. One friend in particular, just reunited with her son after not seeing him for over a month. I'd be crushed! I definitely take precautions after a day at the radio station when coming home, but not as serious as other essential workers I know. With the number of confirmed cases still on the rise here in Alabama, I've become more thankful for people working daily through COVID-19. Alabama is approaching the 10,000 confirmed cases mark, according to the Alabama Department of Public Health. The constant risk of infection can't be easy on families, or even a person's mental state. Here's my way of paying tribute to those workers serving the community day in and day out. Check out my list of jobs I appreciate more because of COVID-19.

I'm interested to know what jobs you feel like you appreciate more since the pandemic.


Jobs I Appreciate More Because Of COVID-19


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