The police footage from Kodak Black's recent South Florida arrest has surfaced online.

On Sunday (July 31), YouTube channel Thin Blue Line uploaded video from Kodak Black's arrest in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. on July 15. In the video, Yak's orange-and-blue Dodge Durango is pulled over by officers for expired tags and illegal tint. Video shows the Florida rapper standing next to a police cruiser speaking with officers. He tells them he just got back from Detroit, where he recently performed.

During the traffic stop, an officer notifies the rapper that he will also be cited for driving with a suspended license. They also question him about the weed smell in his car.

"This dude just gave me some weed," Kodak Black admits at the 3:24-mark of the video. "I don't even smoke weed. I don't got no weed in my system, but he just gave me a few buds at the gas station. I don't even smoke no more. He gave me a few buds, but I don't even smoke weed. I swear to God."

After Kodak admits there is weed in the car and he doesn't have a marijuana card, officers search the vehicle while Yak waits roadside.

Over 30 minutes later, one of the officers notifies Kodak that he discovered "30 pills" in the center console of the vehicle and he will be placing the rapper under arrest. Kodak is then placed in the back of the police vehicle.

Kodak Black was charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and traffick in Oxycodone 14 less than 25 grams. He ended up spending a night in jail before he paid a $75,000 bond and was released. Kodak's lawyer, Bradford Cohen, has argued that the rapper has a prescription for the pills and therefore should not have been arrested. Cohen provided the following statement to XXL at the time: "Never judge a case based on an arrest. There are facts and circumstances that give rise to a defense, especially in this case. We negotiated a bond of $75,000 and we will move forward with resolving the matter quickly."

Due to the arrest, a judge placed Kodak Black on house arrest for violating terms of his supervised release in connection to his federal gun case.

XXL has reached out to Kodak Black's lawyer for comment.

See Video of Kodak Black's Recent Arrest in South Florida Below

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