Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox issued a stern warning Tuesday to bars and restaurants that have been allowed to re-open after nearly two months of COVID-19 closures -- follow social distancing guidelines or face consequences.

Dine-in restaurants and bars all over the city were crowded Monday as pent-up patrons flocked back to them at first opportunity.

Social distancing guidelines were in effect, but it's up to the businesses to set their own rules and enforce them. Posts across social media Monday night and Tuesday morning made it clear that some bars and restaurants are doing a better job than others of keeping patrons six feet apart.

"[We] continue to have reports of violations of Alabama Department of Public Health orders," Maddox Tweeted Tuesday. "Tuscaloosa City will be actively inspecting and enforcing."

Maddox was replying to a post that showed people packed onto the staircase leading up the Bear Trap bar on the Strip.

"We earned the right to reopen - let's not recklessly endanger the health of our citizens," Maddox said.

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