There has been a lot of buzz about the arch that sits above Interstate 20/59 at Exit 73. It seems like it has been an ongoing project for quite some time. The current arch is being removed, with a new arch set to be built later this year.

Don’t forget that this weekend is when the McFarland Blvd. (US-82) directly under the interstate will be closed in BOTH directions. The closure started Friday evening and will go until Sunday, January 17th at 5 pm. The work is underway for the removal of the arch that sits above Interstate 20/59 at Exit 73.

Why is all of this happening? As reported by the Tuscaloosa Thread last week, “according to a press release from the Alabama Department of Transportation, the arch, which was a contracted project, did not meet certain construction specifications outlined by ALDOT. It is not dangerous to motorists in any way, but in order to stay, it must be built under ALDOT's guidelines. A new arch is set to be built later this year.”

I encourage you to use Skyland Boulevard to get around this closure and to access the interstate at other points. Click here to review the Alabama Department of Transportation’s press release about the arch removal and closures.

(Source) Click here for more from the ALDOT West Central.

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