Could it be time for Culture III? Maybe, maybe not, but one thing fans know for sure is that they've just gotten some brand new heat from Quavo, Offset and Takeoff. The Migos have brought friends, too.

On Friday (Feb. 14), Migos unleashed "GNF," a hard-knocking banger that features Young Thug and Travis Scott and perfectly ushers in a new album era.

On the song, the ATL trio spits luxury rhymes about cars, money and women. Quavo kicks it off with a defiant chorus.

"We don't give no fuck (No)/We don't give no fuck (Fuck shit)/We don't give no fuck (No)/We don't give no fuck (Fuck shit)/Out in public (Public)/And we run shit (Run shit)/Out in public (Public)/And we run shit (Get right)," he spits.

Then Takeoff adds his braggadocious bars in the first verse. "Big boy Rolls, swerve the lane, I be hoggin' (Big boy Rolls)/Lit four blunts of Cookie, musty, yeah, it's foggy (Cookie, woah)/I can park it, stick be sparkin', do no talkin' (Brrt)/Watch me hit the target, mark the carpet, then depart it," he raps.

Meanwhile, Thugger delivers his signature flexes over the Murda Beatz and DJ Durel-produced track. "With it (Yeah, yeah, yeah)/Split it (Yeah, yeah)/Drop-top Rolls (Yeah, yeah, yeah)/Gutter, machete (Skrrt, skrrt)/No confetti (Yeah, yeah, yeah)/Bitch too petty (Woah, bitch)/Big machete (Petty, petty)/I gotta dead it (Woo)," he spits.

Closing out the song out is Travis, who raps in his Auto-Tuned voice about being at the top and making sure his Jackboys are living good.

"I done been 'round the whole globe and did a few laps and brought back a whole tide/She done spent time in the hood and found nothin' else is better than that side," he rhymes. "I done went set up the Jack and made sure the pack ain't gotta push packs quite/Stuck at the top of the chain, in top of her brain, can't fall off at one time (Yeah)."

Quavo, Offset and Takeoff also dropped off a line of merch and the official music video for the song. The futuristic visuals, which feature a cameo from the trio's beloved Can-Am Ryker, debuted on BET Jams, BET Hip-Hop and the Viacom billboard in Times Square.

After Culture II's release in January 2018, Migos began teasing the third effort in the series in October of that year. In an interview, Quavo confirmed Culture III for an "early 2019" release.

"We’ll be at the top of 2019," he told the Associated Press at the time. "We’re going to hit them with Culture III."

When that time came and went, Offset later said in a fan Q&A that the album would arrive in 2020, and in a different Q&A that it would be around the anniversary of Culture II. That would have given a late January 2020 release, which has also since passed. So could this release signify the release of a new album? It's hard to say for sure.

Not many other details about the project are known just yet, though Offset did confirm a Juice Wrld appearance and added that the album would be "the last chapter" in the Culture series.

Listen to Migos' "GNF" with Young Thug and Travis Scott for yourself below.

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