Last night, Cardi B returned with "Up," a follow-up new single to 2020's "WAP." However, in addition to receiving fan love and support for the new track, she's being hit with criticism about the song's hook.

New Jersey-bred rapper Mir Fontane appears to have called Cardi out for jacking the hook of his September of 2020 track for her new record "Up," which dropped at midnight today (Feb. 5). Fontane tweeted a split video of his song and Cardi's this morning, comparing his joint to hers. And while he doesn't explicitly state the similarities, he repetitively raps on a portion of his hook "If it's up then it's stuck" over an uptempo, bass-heavy beat.

Meanwhile, Cardi rhymes, "If it's up then it's up, if it's up then it's stuck," using an energetic cadence in her delivery as well. It can be presumed that Fontane thinks the delivery used on Bardi's hook is similar to his.

Without mentioning the Bronx rapper, Mir Fontane captioned the tweet using several of the hand on the chin emojis.

Mir Pesos, who appears on the track with Fontane, called out Cardi as well. "🗣
@iamcardib we want my money @MirFontane," he wrote.

Then Cardi B retweeted Mir Fontane via Twitter with a livestream video of herself and Megan Thee Stallion from when they released "WAP" last August. In the clip, Cardi says towards the end, "Up and it's stuck. Up and it's stuck. Up and it's stuck. Bitch, it's up and it's stuck." She captioned the response tweet, "AUGUST 7th now go check buddy’s date ."

To this, Mir Fontane responded by saying he teased "Stuck" on Aug. 6, 2020, a day before "WAP" arrived. He typed, "We previewed 'STUCK' on August 6th at the end of this video and recorded it even earlier than that, Respectfully."

Cardi also said via Twitter that she had never heard of Fontane and Pesos' song prior to recording hers last August.

"Naaa im the type of person that avoids problems & court days .If i get inspired by a song I wouldn’t mind giving a percentage or couple of thousand but I never Hurd if this man .I’m glad while I was recording this song in August I was playing wit the hook on this live," she wrote.

She later said, "Fuck the drama .RUN THE NUMBERS UP !!!."

During what appears to be a YouTube Live Q&A with Cardi just before the video dropped earlier today, she explained that she believes the phrase "up and it's stuck" on her new song originated in Atlanta, which is her husband Offset's hometown and the person she adopted the slang from.

Actually, a number of ATL-bred rappers have used the phrase in their music. Lil Yachty raps "If'n it go up, then it's stuck then" on the chorus of "Concrete Boys," off his May of 2020 album, Lil Boat 3.

On Lil Baby's "Errybody," which came out in December of 2020, he also uses the slang, rapping on the third verse, "Once it's up, then it's stuck, it can't go down."

Even rappers outside of the A, like Houston's own Travis Scott and the late FBG Duck of Chicago have used the term as well.

La Flame says the phrase on "Out West," which dropped in March of 2020, and Duck uses similar repetition of the slang term at the end of "Yeahh." FBG Duck's song came out in September of last year.

Decide for yourself if Cardi B jacked Mir Fontane after listening to Mir's "Stuck" with Mir Pesos, and Cardi's new single "Up"  below.

Cardi B's "Up"

Mir Fontane and Mir Pesos' "Stuck"

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