Moving Soon? Hasty Hauling & Moving Company Can Handle The Job

I recently needed a moving company and had no idea where to look. I asked around and was given a number to call. It turns out, it was Hasty Hauling & Moving Company and they were great!

It's Black Business Friday, and today we're highlighting Hasty Hauling & Moving Company. I needed to move and was in a bind. With a 5-month-old baby, there was only a certain amount of moving I could do by myself. Mom would be caring for the baby, and I'd be moving but how would we move the couch and our bed? We also had other heavy items that were just not a one-person job. I asked around and was referred to Hasty Hauling for my move. I called a few days before my move, received my quote, and scheduled my move. Let me just say the prices are great! They are very affordable and professional as well. I know sometimes when prices aren't very expensive, people expect the service to be bad. This was not the case with Hasty Hauling. They were punctual, professional, and very nice!

Shout out to the two young men who helped my wife and I move. Their names were Deon & Leroy and it was hard not to invite them over for dinner! Lol! They were true professionals and got the job done fast.

I'd highly recommend Hasty Hauling to anyone in need of moving services, as well as TV mounting. To hire them for your move, visit their Facebook page by clicking here.

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