A deposition filed in the capital murder case against Felix Tabb following the Wednesday death of a 19-month-old girl left in his care provides more details about the toddler's killing, including that she was hospitalized earlier in July with second-degree burns.

According to the document, the child's 24-year-old mother left her with Tabb, 29, at his apartment in Broadmoore Gardens off Tuscaloosa's 3rd Avenue East while she ran errands last Saturday.

When she returned to pick the baby up, Tabb allegedly said she was asleep, carried her to the car and buckled her into a car seat. The girl's mother drove a few blocks away to pick up fast food nearby and realized in the drive-thru line that the 19-month-old was unresponsive.

She took the toddler to DCH Regional Medical Center, where doctors had the child airlifted by helicopter to Children's of Alabama hospital in Birmingham.

The deposition documents the extent of the child's injuries -- bleeding on both hemispheres of her brain, brain swelling, a possibly lacerated liver, intra-abdominal fluid likely indicating internal organ bleeding, a busted lip -- and said she was intubated and placed on life support. The toddler lost her battle to survive and was pronounced dead Wednesday.

The deposition also said that investigators with the multi-agency Violent Crimes Unit were told by doctors at DCH that the same little girl had been brought to their emergency room on July 13th with second-degree burns on her arm, and was transported to Children's for treatment of those injuries.

When interviewed, Tabb allegedly told investigators that he watched the child for around three hours Saturday and that she was acting like "a normal 19-month-old," watching television and eating food, but police found traces of blood on her clothing and on an air mattress at the apartment, and doctors have said that it would be impossible for the toddler to behave normally if she had sustained her injuries before she was left in Tabb's care.

Tabb is charged with capital murder, which the state allows for the killing of victims under the age of 14. He will be held without bond, and if found guilty on that charge will either be sentenced to death or life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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