After almost 4 months of being a new father, my son has officially hit another milestone. His first doctor's appointment!

Leading up to this day, I wasn’t excited about his first appointment. In fact, I wanted to keep him away from other people as much as possible. With COVID-19, I just wanted to do as much as I could to keep him safely away from others. When I woke up the day of the appointment, I all of a sudden felt excited. Maybe it was because we finally get to see how much weight he’s gained or have a professional answer all of the questions we have to be sure we're not horrible parents lol.
It came time for the appointment and the University Medical Center staff were so nice and welcoming. They made mom and I so relaxed, even though walking up to the door we could see everyone in masks and sitting outside waiting to be called instead of in the lobby. It was very unnatural but the nurses relaxed us with a warm greeting and prompt service. Mom had me on facetime the whole time and the doctors made me feel like I was right there in the room. I've heard a lot about how it feels in the hospitals when family members are sick during the COVID-19 pandemic but going through it is eye-opening. I can only imagine having someone I love in the hospital and I couldn't go physically see them and was only limited to facetime and online interaction.
Thank you to the University Medical Center staff and a special thanks to all of those working on the frontlines during this pandemic. The work you do making patients and family members feel relaxed and as normal as possible is greatly appreciated. You helped make my son's first Alabama doctor's visit a pleasant experience in this unusual time.
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