Last weekend, WTUG was out in Demopolis, and we had such a great time. While we were traveling down the road (I think HWY 43), there were such beautiful landscapes. Lots of open land and farms. I loved it.

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I could live on that type of land as long as I didn’t have to cut the grass. All I could think of was how peaceful it would be.

Then [boom] out of the blue, this section of land right before we entered Demopolis was filled with very mysterious displays that caught our eye. There was an extremely tall tin man, and we were like, what in the world is this place? We were both confused but did not have time to investigate.

Mary K, Townsquare Media
Mary K, Townsquare Media

After the appearance, we made it a point to drive back and check out this interesting field. There was a plane with a snoopy, monster truck, tons of bales of hay, and so much more. There was an entrance, but we couldn’t find a name. So we traveled down the gravel road.

Mary K, Townsquare Media
Mary K, Townsquare Media

Then a car suddenly appeared behind us. No lie, we got nervous. I figured that we might be in the wrong for driving down private property. We found a place to turn around, and the car sped past us.

Mary K, Townsquare Media
Mary K, Townsquare Media

We wanted to go further but weren’t too sure about it. [enter scaredy cats syndrome]

So, not knowing where we were, we headed out of this fascinating spot. It’s not spooky, but it is mysterious and looks like it would be super fun to walk around and check out the displays. Of course, I want to go back and take a ton of selfies.

I’m sure we just missed a sign or something. Do you know what’s going on in this Demopolis, Alabama field? Please shoot me an email at

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