Is the time coming for the City of Tuscaloosa to be decked out with dozens of skyscrapers?

Imagine driving through downtown Tuscaloosa and seeing nothing but skyscrapers, and high rise apartments. According to this new data, Tuscaloosa might be closer to that view than we think.


Tuscaloosa has been revealed as one of the largest cities in the state of Alabama.

This is all according to new data provided by the Census.

According to CBS 42, Tuscaloosa is officially the fifth largest Alabama city.

"The city added another 10,000 residents and now has a population of 110,602 people," CBS 42 said.

This increase in population could mean  more business for local, small businesses in the city.

Tuscaloosa was recently named one of the best cities to live in Alabama by Study Finds. Mobile, Huntsville, Birmingham and Montgomery were all on the list as well.

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“Tuscaloosa is a city of around 100,000 people in west-central Alabama. It’s the core of the Yellowhammer State’s industry, commerce, and education. It’s also first in the list of the safest places to live in Alabama,” says Monster.

Tuscaloosa is definitely a growing city and it's catching the attention of so many people around the country.

With pages like Visit Tuscaloosa on social media sharing the great activities and even hidden gems of Tuscaloosa, we're sure the buzz will continue to grow.

There's so many hidden gems in the city, that Visit Tuscaloosa has made multiple hidden gem videos on Tuscaloosa places.

Check out more hidden gems of Tuscaloosa and cool places to visit in the city by hitting up Visit Tuscaloosa's site or Tik Tok page.

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