It’s safe to say the Tuscaloosa economy took a tough hit during the pandemic. Luckily, this new business is ready to help local restaurants recover after tough times.

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Time To Eat Alabama is a brand new low-cost delivery service that offers first-class service and aims to help locally-owned businesses recover from the pandemic.

With so many options these days on delivery services, Time to Eat Alabama provides local restaurants an alternative to the corporate delivery companies that charge higher rates for delivery. Time to Eat Alabama's CEO, Curtis King, is dedicated to giving back to his local community.

As of December of last year, we had more than 16 Tuscaloosa restaurants and businesses that permanently closed as a result of the pandemic. It’s clear that the local economy has been affected and many businesses need a hand.

Time To Eat Alabama offers workplace delivery weekdays from 11a-2p, and restaurant delivery Monday- Sunday from 10a-11p.

With a delivery service, many believe that your drivers should be top-tier. King has emphasized the need to vet, train, and support his drivers.

He believes that drivers should be held to a higher standard and continues to provide ongoing training with a focus placed on the value of customer service.

King’s philosophy is “If the delivery is done right, then everyone wins: restaurants are pleased, customers are satisfied, and drivers are well-tipped.“

For your first delivery, you can use the delivery code "First Delivery" to receive your first order free! You can order online at Time To Eat Alabama or call in your order at 205-210-8805.


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