NLE Choppa is taking his liking for herbalism to heights that can benefit women looking to naturally enhance their physical appearance.

The Memphis rapper tweeted on Monday (Jan. 3) that he has an herb that can naturally help women achieve a BBL—Brazilian butt lift—without undergoing surgery.

"2022 I will be presenting a herb that NATURALLY works [as] a BBL also increases breast size," he typed. "For every 3000 SURGERIES there is one death. Let’s naturally get the body you want. I am here to assist."

According to Healthline, a Brazilian butt lift is a procedure in which liposuction is done to take fat from the stomach area that is then transferred to the butt and hips to add fullness. However, the popular surgery can also result in infection, scarring or fat embolism in the heart or lungs, which can lead to death.

As far as cost is concerned, Harper's Bazaar reports that the procedure can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000. So it's likely that the herb NLE Choppa is referring to would cost a fraction of the price of the actual surgery.

The rapper-turned-herbalist is clearly confident in his product because last June he claimed that an herbal concoction he created cured someone of cancer.

"Wow man just was informed I helped cure someone from cancer," he tweeted at the time. "This Major To Me."

The 19-year-old rhymer later added: "It’s funny cause some people think I’m lying, which is understandable but that’s nowhere near the case. Curing disease is simple, it takes a meatless, dairy free, sugar free diet. Implant herbs, Sea mosses, black seed, neem, and other herbs. My mugwort was included in her diet."

NLE Choppa also claims to have healed people of allergic reactions and diabetes.

And when the soon-to-be father of two isn't working on health and wellness, he's in the studio making new music such as his upcoming album, Me vs Me, due to arrive on Jan. 22.

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