The Alabama heat is something serious in the summer. It would be great if there was something nearby to help us battle the heat.

There are a few things people in West Alabama would love to see. The bridge on McFarland being finishes is definitely one of them. I've been here for almost two years and it still feels like they're not done working on that bridge.

Another thing I know people in West Alabama would love to see is a waterpark. To be specific, people want to have a waterpark in Northport. One of the most talked-about waterparks I've seen is the Fayette Aquatic Center. Although I've never been, it seems like it's a pretty popular place.

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How would Northport look with a new waterpark in the city? do you think it'll bring lots of money to the city? Could Northport handle having a waterpark? Residents seem to think that Northport could handle a waterpark very well. I could believe it. Think about how many people in the city and around the city would consistently use the waterpark. 

That's not all when it comes to needed additions to the city of Northport. People also are making requests for a rive in the theater. I could be wrong, but that suggestion seems a little dated to me. I think a drive-in theater would get old if it were to be built in Northport. I'm thinking, in the beginning, it would draw a crowd but after a while, I think it would lose its attractiveness.

From what I could see, there are no official plans to bring these things to Northport, just speculation. If you could have your way, what would you bring to the city of Northport?


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