Yes you read correctly. There are actually people trying to sterilize their face masks by putting them in the microwave. Before you judge, I researched some videos on youtube and the results might shock you.

According to WMUR, officials at the New Hampshire State Fire Marshal's Office are urging people: do not put it in the microwave to sterilize it. It sounds crazy, but it kind of makes sense. The heat should kill germs right? I even searched a few quick vids on Youtube and found a few videos advising people to use the microwave to sterilize their masks.

Their are some details that people may overlook about these methods. Some face masks have meta in them and if you've ever put metal in the microwave as a kid, you KNOW it equals a disaster. Officials say the cloth masks can overheat quickly and catch fire. The CDC is recommending you wash your face masks in the washing machine and to make sure it's on the warmest setting.


(Source)- To read the full story on WUMR click here.

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