Our Listeners Think That Brandy Will Beat Monica In A Battle

The next Verzuz battle is set for Monday, August 31st. It will feature two R&B superstars who are no stranger to competing with each other. Brandy & Monica will go head to head in a 20-song hit battle on Instagram Live.

Back in 1998, we heard Brandy and Monica "battle it out" on the 2x platinum song "The Boy Is Mine." Many speculated if the beef was real between the two, and Dallas Austin who co-produced the hit song confirmed the beef and a fight during an interview.


After the announcement of their upcoming Verzuz battle, fans couldn't help but pick sides. It felt like 1998 all over again! Twitter was going crazy with people choosing sides and throwing their jabs at each singer.






After seeing all of the hilarious talks on Twitter, I decided to ask our 105.1 The Block listeners who they thought would win. After a full day of voting, 61% of our listeners choose Brandy to win against Monica in this upcoming Verzuz battle.

I don't know who I'd choose to win this one honestly. I think it's a toss up depending on how they choose to play their songs. I think Monica has more hits than Brandy, but if she plays her cards right, Brandy could win as well. I will say that Brandy is by far the better vocalist but this battle ain't about ability. Where are the hits?!!

Who do you think will win? Will you be watching in your 90's gear?

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