The Coronavirus has been flipping our nation upside down in recent weeks. Here in Tuscaloosa, we've seen employers like SMP told its employees that they will need to use PTO during the shutdown to continue to receive pay. If their PTO is insufficient, employees will need to file for unemployment. Tuscaloosa isn't the only place where unemployment rates are going up. According to NBC News, over 3 million Americans filed for unemployment all last week!

This number destroys the record number of those filling for unemployment from the 2009 Recession of 665,000 and even the numbers from the Great Depression back in 1982 of 695,000 according to CNBC.

I can not imagine worrying about my newborn son, and my wife at this time on top of being unemployed. In times like these we really have to count our blessings. It's easy to joke about being bored at home or even being bored at work. When you see these numbers and  know people who no longer have jobs due to the Coronavirus, small issues like being bored on the job seems so petty. If you unfortunately lost your job during these times please keep your head up and know that things will get better. Let's keep them in our thoughts and prayers as we work to fight through these times as a community.


(Source) for the full story on NBC News click here. For the full story on CNBC click here.

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