Pardison Fontaine is trending on Twitter after he responded to The Rock's recent comments about Megan Thee Stallion.

Yesterday (Aug. 7), The Rock shared video of a recent interview he did with Kevin Hart in promotion of their new animated film DC League of Super-Pets. During the playful sit-down, both actors were asked what celebrity they would want to be a pet to. The Rock quickly jumped in with the response, "Megan Thee Stallion."

When asked why Megan, the wrestler-turned-actor responded slyly, "Well, we don't have to talk about that."

The answer drew laughs from Kevin Hart, but appeared to anger Megan Thee Stallion's boyfriend Pardison Fontaine. In a since-deleted post, Pardi reacted, "All our dogs named after #s. Just teach your wife to use seasoning ... You'll be iiight ... Moana is the shit tho."

Pardi's "seasoning" comment is in reference to The Rock's White wife, Lauren Hashian. The Rock starred in the 2016 animated film Moana.

Pardi has since fessed up to making the comment.

"Of all the things to be worried about y’all think I’m mad at the Rock ," he posted on Twitter on Monday (Aug. 8). "The comment started all our dogs #s and ended with Moana is my shit .. I deleted it (yesterday).. cus it seem like ppl took it wrong .. thought maybe my joke was in poor taste."

The comments surrounding The Rock's statement and Pardison Fontaine's response have been plentiful on social media.

"Not Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson saying he'll be Meg Thee Stallion dog when they asked him who celebrity dog he'll be . LMFAOOOOO I FEEL YOU MY BOY," one person commented.

"Pardi was really bothered by The Rock saying he’d be a pet for Megan Thee Stallion. How you beefin with The People’s Champ? lol," someone else typed.

"N*gga, you got Megan and you’re worried about The Rock being Megan’s dog?" another person questioned.

Pardison Fontaine and Megan Thee Stallion started dating shortly after she was shot in the summer of 2020 and have been going hard ever since.

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