What exactly is ghosting? In my opinion, it is when you abruptly cut someone off without any explanation. No warning, no hints, just boom, no contact. It’s childish as hell.

Can you tell I’ve been on the receiving end of ghosting? Oh, you thought ghosting was only done in the younger age groups. Nope, it’s intergenerational. There are grown men that ghost women. It’s hard to believe, but it happens.

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Before I pop off, I’ll admit, I don’t believe I have ever ghosted anyone. I tend to think that the polite thing to do when something is not working out, or there is no interest, is to communicate that to the other person. But that would make too much sense.

So, what is up with someone just vanishing from your life? On the one hand, I believe that we are lucky when we are ghosted; it removes bad karma from our lives. On the other hand, it is super confusing. It feels like an unsolved mystery.

I don’t have any research except for dishing with my homegirls. However, I feel like there are three reasons people ghost another person. This applies to women and men. 1) It is the easy way out. 2) They have options. 3) A Jerk.

Easy way out

People love to take the path of least resistance. Ghosting supports that theory. It’s an easy way out when you are not into to someone. I believe there is a kinder way to handle ending a connection with someone. The problem is that I expect myself out of other people. Lesson learned. Unfortunately, it was the hard way.


If you are in the dating phase of your life, I believe a responsible thing to do is to assume that everyone has options, including yourself. So instead of someone telling the other person that they have moved on with someone else, they pick ghosting.

A jerk

When someone feels like they don’t owe the other person a conversation, they are a jerk. Period.

If you have been ghosted, please remember that it says more about that them than you. And if you are the “ghoster,” no worries, we realize that we have dodged a bullet.

Let me know your thoughts, or you feel like there are more reasons why people ghost others. I would love to know your thoughts; please let me know here.

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