COVID-19 is causing us to use technology more and more for distance learning and meetings. Wednesday night, the Pickens County School board hosted a Zoom meeting and it was hacked by an unknown person.

The board was forced to end the Zoom session after inappropriate language and images consistently popped up on the screen. Currently, the Pickens County Sheriff's Department does not know who is responsible for hacking the meeting. Could you imagine trying to conduct business through Zoom and an unknown person comes in the meeting and randomly posts inappropriate things? I could imagine people thinking it was a joke at first but then knowing something is not right when it didn't stop. Pickens County Sheriff Todd Hall spoke on the incident with ABC 33/40 saying,  "It's a public meeting, and they're using technology and a system that allows everyone to have access but obviously someone took advantage of that. It's new technology." It's sad to think this, but we're in a day and age where we have to be mindful that people really do these kinds of things. Something as simple as holding a school board meeting online isn't safe from hackers. Sheriff Hall went on to say, "We're kind of playing catch up and looking at what charges what type of charges could possibly be given against the person."

Both the DA and the Sheriff's Department are at work trying to track down the person responsible. If you have any information on this incident you're asked to contact the Pickens County sheriff's Department at 205-367-2000.

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