With the weather heating up, it's the perfect time to fire up the grill and throw on some chicken.  A chicken shortage may change those plans.

We've already heard about people buying up gas in Alabama, but are they buying up all of the chicken too? I hope not because I have plans this summer to try out some new grilled chicken recipes. I can already hear the sizzle and smell the smoke coming off the grill. I'm pretty much already invested. The last thing I need is for West Alabama to run out of chicken or have chicken priced at outrageous numbers.

I was scrolling on Facebook and came across a post that showed chicken wings being sold in Alberta for $21.99/bag. the post said that the prices went from $18.99 to $19.99 and now they're at $21.99 for a bag of wings. I know I said I wanted to grill this summer but not for $22 per bag!

According to CNN, the shortage is related to Tyson's "unexpected decline" in hatchings earlier this year because of the type of roosters it used. CNN also stated that another potential reason for shortages could be the rise in demand for chicken sandwiches. I can understand that. It seems like every restaurant chain is selling chicken sandwiches.




Have you noticed a rise in prices for chicken while shopping? Would you pay almost $22 for a bag of chicken wings? Let me know in the chat feature on our free app.

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(Source) To read more about chicken shortages on CNN, click here. 


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