If I've learned one thing since living in Alabama, it's that people here love chicken wings. But are they eating them the correct way?

When it comes to eating chicken wings the correct way, we can do one of two things. Listen to someone else's opinion on how to, or do what we've always done and live in the blind forever.

If you're going to listen to someone else, they should be an expert. I know what you're thinking. "How do I make sure they're an expert?" when you know, you know. You'll easily be able t know if you can trust your food eating habits with said person. For example, you could listen to Twitter Meme Drake's advice.


Although I agree with Twitter Meme Drake. he doesn't explain how to get to that last result. Luckily, an Alabama man has come to save us all. None other than the Bama Grill Master, Tim Van Doren. Tim posted a video on his Instagram account explaining the best way to eat chicken wings. He explained how to specifically eat flats. He posted a video with the caption,

"This is the only way to eat em! Have you tried this method or are you mind blown???"


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I have to admit, I'm mindblown! I never considered eating my flats this way and I love flats! Does everyone in Alabama eat their flats this way? If so, why didn't anyone let me know years ago?!

Do you think this is the correct way to eat flats?

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