Post Malone has once again injured himself while turning up on his Twelve Carat Tour.

On Tuesday (Oct. 18), Post Malone's tour made a stop in Atlanta, where he performed at State Farm Arena for a packed crowd. In video footage of the show obtained by TikTok user edwinloseordraws, Posty is seen walking the length of the stage as he performs his hit single "Psycho." At one point, he trips on something onstage. He tries to continue but is clearly limping as he hops around in circles. He then falls down to one knee and appears to be examining his hurt leg.

The injury wasn't enough to stop the show. The "Rockstar" rapper returned a short time later and explained what happened to the crowd before continuing.

"There's little holes in the middle of the stage where fire comes out," he explained. "I just twisted up my ankle in that hole there. So, if my dance moves aren't 100 percent tonight you have to forgive me, ladies and gentleman. I'm gonna do my best."

This is the second time on tour that Post Malone has injured himself onstage. Luckily, this incident didn't look as bad as the previous one. Last month, during a show in St. Louis, Mo., Post took a terrible fall onstage that sent him to the hospital and required him to postpone a show in Boston.

Post Malone has 15 dates left on his tour, which includes stops in Dallas, Houston, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and more.

See Video of Post Malone Injuring Himself Again After Tripping Onstage Below

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