Despite reports connecting Quando Rondo to the shooting incident that led to King Von's death earlier this month, Quando has remained silent, until now.

On Friday afternoon (Nov. 20), a new song called "End of Story" was uploaded to Quando's official YouTube channel. On the track, he breaks his silence and speaks on King Von's murder as well as Quando's involvement in the shooting.

At the start of the song, Quando acknowledges that he hadn't spoken out publicly since King Von was shot and killed on Nov. 6 outside of Monaco Hookah Lounge in Atlanta.

"Sometimes the best response is none at all/You probably would've left your mans, that ain’t one hundred, dawg/See nowadays, it's like the fans doing the police job/Y'all talk that gangsta shit but cry when a nigga get knocked/You ’posed to walk it how you talk it/But shit, I still ain't got my point across/Aye, if the shoe was on the other foot, they wouldn't have said he wrong/Fuck what they say, that's understood, we had to make it home/I put that on the neighborhood before they bust my domе/Lul Timmy riding right or wrong," he raps, referring to Timothy Leeks, who is reportedly in Quando Rondo's crew and has been charged with King Von's murder.

Later on in the song, Quando gives credence to reports that he was acting in self-defense during the incident. Quando raps that "he," seemingly referring to Von, shouldn't have started the altercation that transpired prior to shots being fired.

"Damn right we scrеaming self-defense, he shouldn't've never put his hands on me/Look at the footage, that's all the evidence, see them pussy niggas shouldn't've ran up on me," Quando raps.

Prior reports also claimed that according to a source close to the QPac rapper, he wasn't trying to fight and Von acted as the aggressor. On the song, Quando even mentions that a bounty worth $1 million was reportedly put on his head to have him killed. He doesn't expound on that detail, though.

Halfway through the first verse, Quando Rondo denounces reports that he had a show scheduled in Brunswick, Ga., which was canceled due to his "legal situation." The concert was supposedly set for Thanksgiving weekend. Quando also references the unconfirmed video footage that surfaced online of the fight that took place between himself, King Von and their crews before the shooting as well.

"Blood on your brother on the ground, gon' pick your mans up/Damn right we scrеaming self-defense, he shouldn't've never put his hands on me/Look at the footage, that's all the evidence, see them pussy niggas shouldn't've ran up on me/Who the fuck said that I was hidin’? I’m still ridin' ’round with them bands on me/And to set the records straight, I ain't never had no show inside the A/Million on my head, that's what they say/That's all you got? Bitch, make it eight/Come run up on me, bite the bait/Thirty clip on me, jump out, shake/That shit a shame/I’ma live this way until they put me in my grave," he rhymes.

Towards the end of the track, Quando compares himself to 50 Cent, who was shot nine times back in 2000, outside of his grandmother's house in Queens. Quando refers to 50 by his real name, Curtis Jackson, when name-dropping his track "Many Men."

He spits, "Redrum, top shotta, they play, I'm dropping a body/Right by the store with all them Crip niggas, only life that I had/What they don't know, he knocked down foe nem and did it all with no mask/Know many men, they wanna kill me, feeling like Curtis Jackson, woah/I don't give a fuck, I know how it feel/My mans ain't do nothing wrong/And if your mans wouldn't have did the same, you need to stop fucking with him/They on our side/And everybody think this shit a game/I already know it's murder behind this shit."

XXL has reached out to King Von and Quando Rondo's teams for a comment.

Check out Quando Rondo's new song "End of Story" for yourself below.

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