I'm sure we all become a lot more bored as a result of being in the house all the time. With mandatory stay at home orders happening across the country, studies show that the Sunday Family Drive has become more popular among Americans.

According to PrNewsWire, research by Cars.com revealed that 60% of parents have brought the Sunday Family Drive back to their families as an activity to get out of the house. The

The study also discovered these trends since the COVID-19 pandemic began:

  1. The return of the family Sunday drive. Nearly 60% of parents and 45% of non-parents have resurrected the leisurely Sunday drive as an activity to get out of the house.

  2. Parents are hiding from their kids. Parents (53%) admitted to using their cars as an opportunity to get away from their homes and kids.

  3. The car is the new office. As many adjust to a work-from-home lifestyle, more than 1 in 4 Americans are using their cars as a makeshift office — particularly parents.


Have you found yourself taking a random drive during quarantine?


(Source) To read the full story on PrNewsWire Click here.


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