Reading To 3rd Graders: Jalen Hurts Is A Tough Act To Follow

Today is National Read Across America Day! I had the honor of reading to a local elementary school class but I got a big surprise.

This morning, I was very excited to participate in National Read Across America Day. I had the honor of reading to Mrs. Quarles's 3rd-grade class at Southview Elementary. There is nothing I love more than being able to give back and connect with the community here in Tuscaloosa.

As I logged into the online call and turned my camera on, I saw so many eager 3rd graders sitting in the classroom. They all had on their facemasks and I could tell they were excited.

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I figured they were ready to hear the story I had for them. I introduced myself, thanked them for having me, and asked how their day was going. Mrs. Quarles jumped in and let me know who was speaking to the class before I jumped on. Her words were:

"We just had Jalen Hurts read to us before you so the kids are kind of star struck"

EXCUSE ME?! THEE JALEN HURTS?! How am I supposed to follow that? Lol!

They were all good sports and allowed me to read the story I had prepared for them. IT all went well and I can't wait to do more at Southview Elementary.

Major shout shoutout to Jalen Hurts for volunteering his time to the kids. It's amazing that he can reach the level of success he has reached, transferred schools, on the cusp of his first season as a starting NFL Quarterback, and still will give back to Tuscaloosa's kids.

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