Rich The Kid recently ran into some issues while trying to catch a flight and captured some of his interaction with authorities on video.

On Friday (Nov. 4), Rich went live on Instagram while in the middle of a tense conversation with airport staff on a boarding ramp. In the clip, the rapper and his team are being directed to go back into the airport.

"You on live now. Since you want to racially discriminate me," Rich says, pointing the camera at the woman telling him to exit. "She trying to tell me I smell like marijuana. I don't even smoke marijuana, woman. I don't smoke," he argues.

Rich continues, trying to pull the fame card. "The world gonna know. Your son, if you have kids, he probably know me. Since you wanna play, you don't know who I am?" he says.

"It don't make a difference," one of the men urging him to leave counters.

Rich and crew finally exit into the boarding area, where he continues to complain about not wanting to miss his flight while the authorities retort that the flight is not leaving. The woman who appears to be leading the group of staff who removed them from the plane then insinuates Rich may be intoxicated after allegedly seeing him stumble.

At one point, Rich says they will be hearing from his lawyers. The video ends before the situation is resolved. It is unclear whether Rich and crew missed their flight. The airline has not been identified.

XXL has reached out to Rich The Kid's camp for comment.

This is not the first time Rich has had issues at the airport. In January 2018, Rich's manager was arrested after threatening to behead flight attendants while on an American Airlines flight with the rapper. The incident reportedly started when Rich tried to use the bathroom at a restricted time. Flight attendants apparently told the rapper to go back to his seat but he refused, leading to an argument. Rich later claimed they were racially profiled during the incident.

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