Rubi Rose is trending on Twitter after posting video of a train operator warning her to stop pole dancing during the ride.

On Tuesday (Oct. 25), the former XXL Freshman shared a video on Twitter of herself working her clappas in some very short shorts on a pole inside a moving train that appears to be at an airport. In the clip, Rose first attempts to pull off a more difficult move before resulting to twerking while holding the pole. The Lexington, Ky. native continues dancing for several seconds, until a voice comes over the loudspeaker.

"No pole dancing on the train, please," the male voice notifies the "Wifey" rapper.

Rose quickly ends her show and cuts the video. In the caption, she implied the conductor waited to get an eyeful before notifying her of safety protocols.

"He waited till the end to say it lol," she captioned the clip.

Naturally, Twitter had a lot to say about the viral video.

"Rubi Rose is so fine but I am not going on plane, train, or any public transportation bare cheeking it on them seats like that," one Twitter user commented.

"Mental health is so important to me, and honestly it be days I don’t be all the way here. But then I see a Rubi Rose post and life becomes good again!" someone else posted.

"@RubiRose gives me pick me pick vibes," another person posted along with a crying laughing emoji. 

Rubi Rose is no stranger to flaunting her body. In August, she went viral for sharing a nearly nude video.

See Video of Rubi Rose Being Told to Stop Pole Dancing on a Train and Reactions Below

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