Along with Diddy’s Making the Band and Flavor of Love, hosted by none other than Public Enemy’s legendary hype man Flavor FlavRev Run's Run’s House is one of the best rapper-related reality shows to ever hit TV screens.

Featuring Rev Run, his children Vanessa, Angela, JoJo, Diggy, Russy and Miley; and his wife Justine, the MTV classic ballooned into a huge success for its execution in painting a dope family picture. The show, which debuted on Oct. 13, 2005, aired for six, long seasons, chronicling dozens of both serious and comical moments that the family experienced. The storyline provided peak entertainment at times, from Justine falling off Russy’s skateboard to sisterly arguments between Vanessa and Angela. But the best part of it all came right before the episodes concluded for the night.

Every morning as the sun rose over the hills of his New Jersey mansion, Rev Run threw some bubbles in his 60-something-inch bathtub, lit what were probably cashmere-scented candles that sat on gold bases, picked up his BlackBerry and dropped a word to leave the audience with as he slow-cooked the start of his day. Staying consistent, the show’s outro quickly became the most memorable part of the hit series.

As an actual reverend, fans flocked to the power of the Run-DMC member’s words. Viewers tuned in to each episode in anticipation of what life lesson could be learned next. Dropping knowledge on how to deal with everything from family to love to work, there’s a golden book of free game Rev Run passed out with ease in those iconic moments in the tub.

So today, on the 15th anniversary of the show’s premiere, XXL looks back on 25 of those gems Rev Run dropped and shares the life lessons we learned from his poignant words. To this day, they can still be applied to your life. Take notes, y’all.

  • Strong Family Ties Make for Life’s Greatest Prize

    No matter what the DNA of your family is like, we all have an inherent desire to make our closest loved ones proud. When you win, your family wins and there’s nothing that feels more satisfying than that.

    Remember: “While awards and acceptance from your peers is a great achievement, it’s the love and support from your family that is the ultimate stamp of approval.”

    Make them proud.

  • Give Them Some Guidelines and Stay on the Sidelines

    When you deeply care for someone, it becomes an innate responsibility to offer them happiness whenever you can. With that though, sometimes you can lose yourself and become too invested in someone else’s journey.

    Remember: “If you love someone, you do whatever it takes to help them. Sometimes you want to play the game for them but what they really need is a cheerleader.”

    You can have just as much impact from the sideline.

  • Don’t Walk Through Life Alone Because Your Help Is Right at Home

    You don’t have to go through something directly for it to impact you. We learn, experience and empathize from the people around us.

    Remember: “We have so much to learn from each other and your family and friends can be your greatest teachers.”

    Get something out of those around you. It’s free game.

  • Give Life Your Best Shot and If You Miss, Rebound Quickly

    Not even LeBron James, the best basketball player ever, makes every shot. Don’t dwell on the missed ones though.

    Remember: “Life is all about making mistakes, the key is how you bounce back.”

    You can’t go back and change things a lot of times, but you can make sure your next shot counts.

  • Slow Down in Order to Move Up

    Sometimes we get so caught up in the motions that we get a little sloppy. One way we can minimize those losses by slowing down and being precise.

    Remember: “It’s good to be persistent but being in too much of a hurry can lead to big mistakes. Still strive to get ahead, just take your time and get the job done right.”

    Slow and steady is supposed to win the race, right?

  • Don’t Be Lame, Just Step Up Your Game

    Ego is one of the most important parts of human perception. It’s easy to get caught up in our own worlds, so we all need a reality check from time to time. How do we react to those moments?

    Remember: “Even the best of us sometimes need a wake-up call. It’s how you respond to that call is what determines your value.”

    Be open to change.

  • There’s Nothing More Attractive Than Inner Beauty

    When it comes to people and relationships, the outside appearance means less once you realize how important the inside is.

    Remember: “While physical attraction is pleasing to the eye, it’s the beauty we can't see that’s pleasing to the heart.”

    Real beauty exists internally.

  • Hope Floats, So Let It Rise

    Life gets really, really fast sometimes. Situations have more than enough power to sink your ship, but keeping the faith is what will help you get back up.

    Remember: "When you appreciate the joys in your life, it makes sorrows that much easier to swallow. Every day is a new day.”

    Use hope as your life jacket.

  • Accept Them, Don’t Reject Them

    The human mind is extremely complex, but we all have our specific reasons for being how we are. Accept that when it comes to other people in addition to yourself.

    Remember: “A person’s perspective comes from their inner self. They’re all unique and beautiful in their own special way.”

    Appreciate that.

  • It’s a Disgrace to Let That Talent Go to Waste

    Don’t be afraid to be a catalyst for people, no matter what your relationship with them is.

    Remember: “If you see eminence in them, make sure they hold the light high. Help turn their potential into something potent.”

    Push individuals to strive for greatness and they’ll thank you later.

  • Know What Time It Is

    Feel free with your actions and words, but know when to calm it all down. Mutual respect is always a must.

    Remember: “Sometimes pushing people’s buttons can really turn you off. So treat people the way you want to be treated. There’s a time to play and a time to stop.”

    Just be aware.

  • Make the World Your Oyster, Because Then Life Can Be a Gem

    Even though it’s really easy, especially in the pandemonium of 2020, don’t get lazy. There are endless benefits to making things happen.

    Remember: “Sometimes when you push yourself, you surprise yourself. Responsibility creates opportunity, and then opportunity creates choice. Because when you have options, you can do anything you want.”

    Don’t sleep on the reality you can create. Anything is possible.

  • Don’t Try to Be Something You’re Not, Just Do You

    We all have idols, but never forget to embrace what makes you different.

    Remember: “It’s OK to look up to someone you admire. Just don’t forget to look at yourself. Appreciate the qualities that make you special and own them.”

    Don’t ever be quick to overlook yourself in the process of admiring someone else.

  • Where There’s a Push, There’s a Play

    There’s a difference between listening and hearing someone. You have to process what people are saying in order to learn how to navigate your relationship with them.

    Remember: “When you listen, you support, but sometimes, it takes more than ears to hear their inner song. Use your heart as a radio and tune into their frequency.”

    Genuinely better results are guaranteed that way.

  • Keep Your Eye on the Prize and Your Arms Around Those You Love

    Change is inevitable. That’s just a straight fact. The best thing you can do is adapt, accept and accelerate.

    Remember: “Just like your kids, good times will come and go. So adjust to change and the constant flow. Life is what you make it, so you better make it count.”

    Make it matter.

  • To Get to Your Dream, You Gotta Work as a Team

    The biggest victories are never carried out alone. Help is huge in any relationship or business plan, so make sure that you always see it through.

    Remember: “Communication is the key that will open the door to success. Work with one another, not against. Only then will a partnership reach its full potential.”

    The more firepower, the better.

  • Conduct Yourself Like an Orchestra and Keep Your Behavior in Tune

    It’s hard, we know, but you can’t let negative people or situations strip away your kindness.

    Remember: “Sometimes we all need a refresher course in proper etiquette. If please and thank you are the magic words then cast your spell and let them be heard."

    Lead with positivity.

  • Life’s Lessons Come From the Journey, Not the Destination

    Whoever said life was easy lied. There are going to be speed bumps, but understand that they’re just a part of the game.

    Remember: “A path without obstacles is a path without challenges. When you prepare for the unexpected, you’re prepared for everything.”

    Be ready for it all.

  • Make That Change Today

    Be willing to repair things whenever necessary. That openness to a fix is pivotal to achieving peace.

    Remember: “Whether its sprucing up an old room or maintaining a special relationship, often life’s issues call for an overhaul.”

    You’ll be much happier with the outcome after the fact.

  • Those Who Reach Get the Grapes

    We all have the ability to turn our dreams into reality. To do so, you actually have to get things popping.

    Remember: “Don’t wait for the invitation to get ahead. Go ahead. You can’t win the race until you join the race.”

    Shoot your shot and play the game.

  • Find the Champion in Yourself and Soar Like a Star

    In anything you want to achieve, you’ve got to grind it out.

    Remember: “While talent and heart get you in the game, it’s hard work and tenacity that puts you in the winner's circle.”

    Once you learn to balance all four things, the formula becomes undefeated.

  • Time Waits for No One, So Get With the Times

    Don’t waste your time away. There’s too much of it to just sit back and watch it pass you by.

    Remember: “Appreciate each day and take advantage of life’s opportunities. Time can fly when you’re having fun but can grind to a halt when you’re not.”

    Take advantage.

  • Pay Your Dues and You’ll Get Paid

    Refuse to get discouraged when you're not satisfied with your current position.

    Remember: “Much like a family, a business has a pecking order. Just because you start at the bottom doesn’t mean you can’t get to the top.”

    There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Say Goodbye to Childhood and Hello to Adulthood

    Nostalgia evokes such strong emotions. While we often fight it, become comfortable with letting things go.

    Remember: “Although coming of age can be a difficult stage, it’s also one of life’s great milestones.”

    It still happened. It doesn’t have to happen again for its effect to be understood.

  • The Best Arena to Rock Is the One That Houses Your Family

    Sometimes success brings isolation. The rock star life can be all that its cracked up to be, but there's nothing like home sweet home.

    Remember: “Life on the road can also be lonely and bumpy. Because when you’re far away from home, you’re far away from family.”

    Don’t hesitate to reel it back in.

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