Alabama's annual A-Day game and accompanying festivities went off without a hitch this weekend. The White team, led by projected starter Bryce Young, defeated the Crimson team 13-10 in a low scoring affair that brought to light some potential new stars for the Crimson Tide.

Following Saturday's scrimmage, Nick Saban spoke to the media and while most of his post game press conference was filled with inquiries and answers about certain players' performances, one moment, in particular, stood out.

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Saban was asked about a near collision on an interception return after Kristian Story picked off Braxton Barker in the third quarter of Saturday's game. The junior quarterback dropped back and threw right into the hands of a waiting Story who was quick to flip the field on Coach Saban, forcing him to make a bit of a maneuver to avoid contact.

Saban decided to give a playful warning to his players, saying:

The players know that if they run into me, it is very similar to running into the goal post,” he said, in his signature serious tone, “so it is not a good choice and decision for them. They usually avoid me. I wear a [pink jacket] so they can see me for their safety, not mine.”

It's fairly safe to say you probably do not want to be the player that runs into Nick Saban.

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Junior safety Jordan Battle gave a little more insight on the situation, saying, "He was a little too clean out there with the pink on," Battle laughed, "He said he was the only guy out there with class. We tried not to hit him and keep him clean out there."

Close calls are nothing new for the 69-year old coach, but somehow he always find a way to escape the collision. Whether Saban still has some of the pep in his step from his days playing defensive back or if his players are actually terrified of running into him he always finds a way to stay safe on the field.

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